Preface to Vol. 2, No 1

The present issue of CAIM, the first of the journal's second year, contains, as a sequel to issue 2 of vol. 1, the last part of a selection of papers presented at SIMAI 2010, the 10th Congress of SIMAI, the Italian Society for Applied and Industrial Mathematics.

SIMAI 2010 was organized in cooperation with SEMA (Spanish Society for Applied Mathematics / Sociedad Española de Matemática Aplicada). The conference was held in Cagliari, Italy, from June 21 to June 25, 2010 and was hosted by the School of Architecture at the University of Cagliari, located in the fascinating historic quarter of Castello, while the Opening Session took place in the Aula Magna of the School of Engineering.

The main aim of SIMAI 2010 was to provide a scientific forum for presenting and discussing the issues and the advances in applied mathematics and applications of mathematics to industry, technology, environment, cultural heritage, biology and society. Such a wide range of applications is reflected by the variety of topics and mathematical techniques which constitute the object of the papers collected here.

The reviewing cycle has been particularly accurate and involved the CAIM Editorial Board and other members of Organizing Committee of SIMAI 2010, as well as many others selected additional reviewers. As a result of the refereeing process we believe that the present CAIM issue provides an updated overview of some of the most recent research activities currently being pursued in the many and diverse areas of applied and industrial mathematics.

We hope that by stimulating interest in the applications of mathematical ideas to real world problems the selected contributions will generate new understanding for identifying relevant research tasks with potential for applications, and, hopefully, will also foster an active dialogue with those, whether in industry, academia or in the public sector, currently use, or in the future will use, the research results in this broad interdisciplinary field.

The current issue of CAIM will help, hopefully, all participants in remembering the high quality of the scientific program, the friendly atmosphere, and the beauty of Cagliari.

Antonio Cazzani, Alessandro Chessa and Giorgio Fotia
on behalf of the SIMAI 2010 Organizing Commitee


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