doi: 10.1685/journal.caim.411

Multiscale extensions of the cellular Potts models: toward a nested-hybrid approach

Marco Scianna


Multiscale problems are ubiquitous in all biological phenomena, which emerge from
the complex interaction between processes happening at various levels and in particular
from the relationship between the subcellular genomic and proteomic dynamics and the
behavior of the cell. In order to deals with such an intricate network of organization,
this work discusses some innovative extensions of the cellular Potts model (CPM), a
discrete, lattice-based, technique able to reproduce and analyze innumerable biological
phenomena. The aim is to increase the accuracy of the method and to create a multilevel
framework able to deal with the multiscale complexity typical of biological development.
The proposed CPM extensions are finally tested with sample applications, that show
their potential and biological realism.

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